The company

Tadà was born in 2014 with the intuition of the founding partners Mario Montecchi and Francesco Bianchi, creative technological artisans in the goldsmith sector.

We specialize in CAD drawing and digital sculpture, giving life to jewelery and fashion accessories produced exclusively by inserting 3D printing into the production cycle.

Thanks to the speed of 3D printing we can produce high precision jewelery and fashion accessories at an increasingly accessible cost, giving life to truly ECO-SUSTAINABLE productions (i.e. producing exclusively what is sold without processing waste).

Professionalism, speed and confidentiality are the cornerstones that characterize us

The Duo

Mario Montecchi

Mario Montecchi

Creative Industrial Designer

Born in Arezzo in 1972, a vocational graduate as master of applied art in goldsmith obtained with Piero della Francesca art school in Arezzo. Currently creative industrial designer by 3D model for the goldsmith and fashion accessories sector. Experience as a creative industrial designer and technical CAD designer.

Francesco Bianchi

Francesco Bianchi

Technical Industrial Designer

Born in Arezzo in 1980, a vocational trade school graduate with an accounting certificate. In charge of the development of 3D CAD drawing and design of models for the gold, silver and fashion accessories sector and production. Experience as a model designer of industrial and commercial products.

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